About me? Just a few lines to describe myself and what I’m doing / what I did.

My name is Fabri Di Napoli I was born in Italy, years ago, but since 2011 I’ve been living (and working) in Barcelona, Spain.

When I was a kid I started to love technology, starting from video games, than computers and finally programming. I was very interested on how computer works, what there is behind a web page or how software can do magic stuff.

So in 2006 I “found” my vocation, and I started to study Programming. I turned Web developer.

As programming is my vocation, my fun and my job, I never stop learning programming languages, reading books, articles, news and more. I learned a lot of interesting stuff within these years:

  • OOP
  • TDD
  • Design Patterns
  • Agile
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Java & Kotlin
  • Microservices

Another thing I like to do, but probably I’m not good enough :-), is to share my knowledge. That’s why I built this website. I hope you enjoy it.